Haishen Waterfall


Haishen Waterfall

Some waterfalls require a lot of effort to find and get to.  Haishen (Ocean God, Poseidon or Neptune) Waterfall is one of the hardest waterfalls to find and get to that I have been to in Taiwan.  I have had a pair of waterfalls circled in my map book for a couple of years but I had never looked very hard for them.  A fellow waterfall hunter had seen a picture of a waterfall but he had no idea where it was in Pingtung County.  After some Google Earth surveillance we set out on our adventure.  We took a few wrong turns, hiked a few wrong trails leading through a coffee and cocoa farm but we found this hidden waterfall far upstream from Haishengong.  There is a second waterfall (Wenli Waterfall) downstream of Haishen Waterfall but it is not known if you can access the base of it.

Be warned!  It is at the end of one of the worst roads that I have ridden my motorcycle on in Taiwan.  Cars are not recommended although a sport utility with a confident driver should be okay (I’m not joking about being confident).  Scooters and motorcycles should only be ridden by those that are very comfortable riding on awful roads.  

Rating and length – The hike is very short but the drive will take 20-30 difficult minutes (4-5 kms) on awful roads.  The short trail to the waterfall is very steep on unstable rock.

How to get there – Drive out to Highway 185 north of Sandimen.  About 10 kms north of Sandimen turn east onto Pingtung County Road #7 (signed Poseidon’s Palace).  In one km turn left onto a smaller paved road.  This crosses an intersection and shortly after switchbacks once.  After the switchback it becomes a rough (and then rougher) gravel two track.  In less than 1km on gravel don’t take the right track that leads down to a coffee/cocoa farm.  Shortly after that there is another intersection with a road switchbacking up on the left.  Don’t take the switchbacking road and continue straight ahead.  Overall there is about 4 kms of gravel two track to drive.  Eventually the road (not much of a road at that point) ends at the creek.  If you hike to the creek then the waterfall will be downstream and you can walk to the top of it.  To access the bottom of the waterfall you need to backtrack on the road a little and find something that looks more like a washed out section of hillside than a trail leading down to the waterfall.  It’s not signed or marked at all so be very, very careful.

The hike – Your hike starts as a roadwalk at whichever point you don’t feel comfortable driving.

GPS data -N22.836061 E120.657045

Date visited – 6/28/2015



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